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Your Docker Image security at a glance

Stay on top of security vulnerabilities in your Docker Images for AWS ECR.

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How to Manage Docker Security

New vulnerabilities are found all the time, docker images are no different. If you don't have a plan to keep patched you are falling behind. We are used to patching laptops and traditional servers, but with docker and immutable images it's a bit different. Docker Dash helps you stay informed and up to date taking the surprise out of docker security.‍

🔔 Vulnerability Notifications

Get notified when new vulnerabilities you care about are found.

⏰ Scheduled Report

Receive weekly reports on the health of your Docker Images.

📈 Monitor Progress

See how your continuous improvement of security is tracking for iso security certifications.

💸 Save Money

Automate your regular security review and save time and money.

🔒 Secure

Improve the security of your apps and data by keeping your images patched.

😴 Sleep Easy

Knowing that your data is secure.

Start Your Docker Security Review

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How it Works

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Don't get left behind, Don't get overwhelmed

New vulnerabilities are found daily, scan results need to be kept fresh and up to date.

Docker Dash gives you a high level overview so you can focus on what matters.


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Will this help me get ISO certified?

Yes! as part of your continuous improvement plan. Docker dash makes it easy to

Does Docker Dash need access to my AWS account?

Only with minimal permissions to read your docker image metadata. You can review the role used to provide access.

Does Docker Dash have access to my data?

No, Dash only needs minimal access to metadata about your Docker Images in ECR, not your applications, code or data.

Is Docker Dash Secure

Absolutely! Data security is important to us. We use best practices security measures to ensure your account and data safety. We are compliant with GDPR, CCPA and similar privacy regulations.


Stephen Nancekivell

Hi, I'm Stephen and I built this website to help teams manage their Docker Security. I've spent a ton of time securing docker images and thought there must be a better way, So I built it!

Im still putting together the final pieces. Let me know what you think here or twitter @hi_stephen_n or you can see more of my work at

I understand, how you manage security risk and your Docker images can get complicated sometimes. If you have any questions or feature requests please get in touch.

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